Young People and Place: Emotional resources and relationships

Welcome to the Youth Geographies of Inequality project. This website provides you with the opportunity to explore our research project, looking in more detail at the research study, research findings to date, and getting to know more about the research team and the activities that it is engaging with.

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Young people will be involved throughout the project providing their views, experiences and co-producing our participatory research workshops. The storytelling section of the website will provide an insight into key topics developing from the research.

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Young people in Scarborough

Gathering thoughts of place
What we're doing

Documenting the importance of key people and places in young people’s lives, and more specifically what emotional support means to young people

Capturing the significance of where young people grow up in shaping their emotional transitions to adulthood

Advancing understanding of the intersection between geographical place, experiences of (family) support, and the impact of this on young people's emotional confidence and well-being.

Sharing our findings with key organisations and stakeholders who can make a difference to young people's lives.

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