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Session Five: Evaluating rough cuts- - Participatory filmmaking with young people in York

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Evaluating rough cuts

Based on the work done in session four, four rough cuts were produced using lines written and voice recorded by participants.

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The rough cuts featured stock footage collected by Simona based on the list produced by participants and beautiful footage of York filmed by a group member.

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The group watched each rough cut one by one, directly from the software the footage is being processed in, so that changes could be made immediately.

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The response to the rough cut was mostly positive, and the choice of images fitted the words according to participants.

The group discussed some choices of music and some key narrative points within the film, especially around the articulation of how the York segment fits with the rest of the narration, and how important it is to explain the place plays a key role in the emotional wellbeing of young people.

The second part of the session was dedicated to discussing missing footage and how participants can film materials themselves by following some key guidelines.

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The rough cuts will now be shared with the rest of the wider group and once more footage from participants is collected, a final cut of the film will be well on its way!

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