story ● 27 Mar 2024

Session Six: Creating a narrative- Participatory film-making with young people in Scarborough

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On the 18th of January 2024 we held our sixth session in Scarborough, working with young people to produce a participatory film about Scarborough and emotional support.

Creating a narrative

We started the session with a recap of what was done in the session so far and by watching a collection of clips filmed by the group during the previous session.

We then moved on to this session focus: creating a narrative for the film which we can pair with the images collected.

In order to do this, participants worked with prompts to write down their feelings and thoughts about Scarborough. Once they had collected some of their thoughts, they browsed pieces of paper with quotes extracted from previous research interviews with young people in Scarborough.

Young people picked research quotes they could relate to and then incorporated them into their own writing making a collage of sentences.

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The young people’s writing varied in tone and content: some confirmed they find Scarborough boring or unwelcoming, while others consider it a safe place. Some quotes, newly created and picked from the research stressed the seasonal nature of the town and its contrast.

Some of the young people recorded their lines so that they can be included in the soundtrack of the film.

The last part of the session was dedicated to examining music choices for the film and picking tunes for each of the location filmed in the past weeks.

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