story ● 27 Mar 2024

Session Three: First filming walk- Participatory film-making with young people in Scarborough

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Session 3: First filming walk

The third session was completely dedicated to walking around Scarborough following the map the young people had produced in the previous session, featuring places they liked and disliked in Scarborough.

Young people were distributed iPads and other portable recording devices so that they could film clips of whatever caught their attention in the places we were about to explore.

To start off nicely we decided to first walk through places that had a positive connotation for participants.

Our first stop was the Dean Road Cemetery, which one young person chose as a positive peaceful place.

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Unfortunately, our filming time in the Cemetery was cut short by an unexpected snowstorm, which forced us to retreat to a warm café and a hot chocolate.

Once the weather became more bearable, we ventured to Peasholm Park, who several young people indicated as nice and relaxing place, for some linked to family and childhood memories.

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The young people spent time capturing some of its characteristic oriental-themed buildings and decorations, its pond, small bridges, and nature elements.

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Animals were particularly friendly with the group, and the young people filmed geese, ducks, swans, pigeons, and squirrels.

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After covering the park’s main areas, we closed the session and the young people headed home.

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